It’s Time for (Outer) Space and Food

Absolutely thrilled to be announcing my upcoming Edinburgh Fringe show: “Is Astronaut Food the Future?”

The event is part of the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas series (CODI), which is a joint Beltane Public Engagement Network and Fair Pley production. This is my third time at the Fringe, you might even rememner the 2016 show “Let Big Brother Watch!” and last year’s collaboration with the amazing Pippa Goldschmidt on “Outer Space – The Next Empire?

So this year we will be talking all things Food and (Outer) Space, from consumables sent “up there”, “space microwaves”, baking bread and growing salad on International Space Station and Earth Observation technologies controlling global food production of the future.

To find out more why this matters, here is a little interview I did for the CoDI Blog.

Finally, speaking of freeze drying, there might be some interesting samples to taste…

Though the plan is to have as much fun as possible, there are interesting questions surrounding food production, nutrition science and the role of “consumers”, PS: that is you and me, in all of this.

Most importantly, I will be wanting to hear your opinions about what high-tech might do to food standards, quality and also is end in sight for food poverty.

If you want to find out how this links to my research and teaching, I have written a Teaching Matters blog: CoDI: Is Astronaut Food the Future?

So, join me on 20th August at 8.10pm in the Stand’s New Town Theatre (George Street; Fringe Venue 7) to have your say about having astronaut food for dinner!

More info and tickets:

Kindly supported by the Student Development Office at the School of Social and Political Science. 



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